In 2008, First Baptist Church of Alamogordo (FBC) purchased Cottonwood West Subdivision Replat B Lots 1-46 with the intention of eventually building new facilities for FBC. In the ten years since the land was purchased, the situation at FBC has changed dramatically, and relocating to this property is no longer a feasible goal for the foreseeable future.

After the property had been listed for several years, FBC received an offer in November 2017 from a buyer who was interested in building a high-end, luxury apartment complex to meet the increasing demand for quality, affordable housing in Alamogordo. After discussion and prayer, FBC decided to pursue selling the property to the buyer. This necessitated a re-zoning of the land from R-1 (single family dwellings) to R-4 (multi-family dwellings). In March of 2018, FBC applied for the rezoning request in order to continue the process of selling the property to the buyer.

Since that time, there has been much speculation and misinformation that has been spread throughout the community regarding the nature of the apartment complex that will be built. While FBC will not be involved in the building process, we did want to provide an outlet that will provide information from the buyer as we move toward the City Commission meeting in late September.

The Vision for the future

At the links below, you will find PDF's of the plans for the apartment complex, Montebello.



Additionally, FBC and the buyer have agreed to the following stipulations for the rezoning request: 

  1. A space of no less than 75 feet between the rear wall of the residences on the west side of Basswood Drive and the east wall of any buildings over one story tall.  
  2. Buildings shall be no more than two stories tall.  
  3. The development must be a gated community.  
  4. Purchase or rental prices will be set targeting citizens with an income of 100% of the median income and above in Otero County.  
  5. Any development begun on the property must be completed and not left in an unfinished state for an unreasonable amount of time.  
  6. These apartments shall not revert or qualify for Section 8 housing at any time.